Best upcoming video games 2010

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty is the most expected video game of 2010 by gamers from all over the world. The original game was a revolution for the real time strategy genre back in 1999 and it still is, after ten years of continuous patches and support, the most balanced strategy you can play.

It is a known fact that Blizzard have been working on this sequel for several years, but as we are already used from them, nothing will come out until it is almost perfect. And one step towards this was taken at the beginning of this year, in February, when the no less than ten thousand beta keys for Starcraft II were sent to old Blizzard fans. As you can imagine, this started a whole madness that will surely become even bigger in the moment the game is going to be launched.

Great graphics, tense atmosphere, an intriguing storyline, but above all, the ultimate multiplayer experience. This is what we have to expect from Starcraft II and we are sure that this is what we are going to get later this year.

Test Drive Unlimited 2

Almost four years ago, one of the best racing games was released and a lot of car enthusiasts from around the world got the change of driving their dream cars on one of Hawaii’s islands. Well, guess what? In 2010 we are going to get the second part, which producers claim to be bigger and much better.

And we are going to the Mediterranean island of Ibiza to have fun with luxury cars coming from the most important and exclusivist producers in the world. Judging after the great things we saw in the first part of Test Drive Unlimited, the sequel can only become the new king of racing games. Dozens of cars, superb physical models and the free roam mode ensure the fact that this game will be successful.

The first part looked absolutely great for its time and we suppose that Test Drive Unlimited 2 will offers us a stunning visual feast. The reasons for this? Rumors claim that producers are using CryEngine 3 as a graphic engine. When will we be able to play TDU 2? Nothing is sure, but it seems that it is going to be released during this fall.

Civilization V

For all you hardcore turn based strategy players, we have great news: the fabulous Civilization series is coming back to the PC in 2010. What started in the 90s as a small, yet original strategy game, became with each evolution a better and better game which was appreciated by the majority of critics.

Civilization 4 was in our opinion one of the best games of the last ten years and its two add-ons provided an even deeper experience. However, they were released a long time ago and the whole Civilization fan base expected a new title, that after all the information we have gathered, is going to hit the shelves this year.

But what does Civilization 5 bring new in a series that is close to perfection? First of all, it seems that the interface is going to be simplified a bit, but fear not, this game is not turning towards consoles. Probably the biggest tactical change that the new game is going to bring is the possibility of only having one unit in a hex. In addition, we are going to receive brand new graphics, new high quality animations and without doubt one another sensational gaming experience.

Mafia II

Which is in your opinion the game with the best storyline? Well, we are sure that a lot of you will answer: Mafia. We bet that most of you miss some classic gangster action and this is exactly what this new game wants to bring on the current video games market.

Not too many details are known about the storyline, except the fact that you are going to play the role of Vito Scaletta in the period between 1945 and 1955. However, we are more than certain that we will receive an intriguing storyline that is going to keep us near the PC or console until we get to the end of it. A large and extremely detailed city will surely help us get in to the atmosphere and the music will also have a key role in this.

From what we have seen in the few screenshots released until now, Mafia II is going to offer tremendous graphics and a very high attention to details. This can only be good news, but just hope that this game will receive a decent optimization, making it playable even if you don’t have an ultra high end system.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

Millions of WoW players have to prepare for what they are going to receive at the end of 2010: the third addition to the biggest and most successful massive multiplayer online role playing game. The developers seem to have realized that the first two add-ons have not changed too many things in the already classic world of Azeroth, so it seems that in the third one we will receive some surprises.

Both producers and players hope that the new changes will refresh the gaming experience that it has become quite repetitive especially for low level players. New races, new characters, new quests, new professions and new areas will definitely bring back a lot of players to this massive game and enhance the gaming experience of the ones that never stopped playing.

Almost everybody will want to play with the Wargens and the Goblins and try new combinations between races and classes that sound very interesting. Unfortunately the level cap will not be boosted with ten levels like before and you will only have the chance of taking your characters to a maximum level cap of 85. Hopefully, WoW: Cataclysm will bring some freshness in the overall gaming experience of this universe and attract new players to its wonderful realm.